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Dear Harriet,

Members of the HMC community share well wishes and welcoming remarks with President Harriet Nembhard

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Scott McGregor, President Nembhard, Laurie Girand

Scott McGregor, President Nembhard, Laurie Girand

“Having attended larger universities, I’ve been impressed by how much the Mudd community cares for each and every member. Seeing you with your smart, warm and generous family made me feel that Mudd was now just an extension of that family. I know we will accomplish the exceptional together.”LAURIE GIRAND, TRUSTEE

“Your amazing skills at actively listening, distilling and then meticulously responding is exactly what we need right now. I cannot wait to be part of your team as you bring your vision to bear on our beloved and amazing institution.”KATHY FRENCH ’97, PRESIDENT

“You will inspire students, staff, faculty members, and community members to dream big, embrace challenges with resilience, and always strive for excellence in all that we do.”HYOJUNG KANG, NEMBHARD’S FORMER PHD ADVISEE, AT THE INVESTITURE CEREMONY

“As we stand on the precipice of our future, we are fortunate to have in President Harriet B. Nembhard a leader who is prepared to leverage Harvey Mudd College’s fine tradition of innovation to propel us forward. To help us achieve our mission and our potential. We, the faculty, stand with you to shape the next chapter of Harvey Mudd College.”SUSAN MARTONOSI, CHAIR OF THE FACULTY AND PROFESSOR OF MATHEMATICS, AT THE INVESTITURE CEREMONY

“Working with you this year has been amazing. I cannot wait to see what more you’ll bring to this school.”HENRY HAMMER ’24, SENATE CHAIR, ASHMC

“I have loved having the chance to work with you over the past year! You have really been an amazing role model to me both as a leader and such a kind person!”KAYLEAH TSAI ’24, PRESIDENT, ASHMC

“It has been a pleasure getting to meet you and talk to you; saying ‘Good morning’ while you’re walking by is a pleasure. Congratulations on this milestone. Can’t wait for what the future holds for you and the HMC community!”CHRISTOPHER GONZALEZ, GROUNDSKEEPER

“So happy to have you as our new president and looking forward to witnessing the amazing impact you are going to have on Harvey Mudd College.”CHRIS SUNDBERG, ASSOCIATE DEAN FOR CAMPUS LIFE

“Throughout the course of her career, Harriet has demonstrated the courage to engage in challenging conversations and make difficult decisions while simultaneously exuding the joy, warmth and wonder that is required to lead an institution like ours with empathy and integrity.”LAURA PALUCKI BLAKE, ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENT FOR INSTITUTIONAL RESEARCH AND EFFECTIVENESS

“We wish you success and immense satisfaction as you take the reins of HMC.”SUSAN & BRUCE ’64 WORSTER

“You have already made a significant contribution to the Mudd community. You inspire all of us to strive for excellence, collaboration and to think big.”ANDREW DORANTES, VP AND CHIEF OPERATING AND FINANCIAL OFFICER

James T. Minor and Harold A. Black

James T. Minor and Harold A. Black

“You have made your family proud throughout your illustrious career. The presidency of Harvey Mudd College is the latest in a long line of outstanding accomplishments. All of the best and all of our love.”HAROLD A. BLACK, HARRIET’S UNCLE AND PROFESSOR EMERITUS, UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE

Jim Bean ’77, Harriet Nembhard, Naomi Nembhard

Jim Bean ’77, Harriet Nembhard, Naomi Nembhard

“Dr. Nembhard is a nationally recognized leader in the field of industrial and operations engineering … she is a voice on the national level for transforming undergraduate STEM education.”JIM BEAN ’77, CHAIR, HARVEY MUDD BOARD OF TRUSTEES

“Welcome to our HMC family. We’re wishing you all the best as you lead us into the future.”DAVID ’80, P’18 AND ANNE P’18 SONNER

“As a new parent, I felt President Harriet’s clarity, sincerity and open-hearted warmth. Today, I saw her strength of purpose and understanding. I rejoice in her leadership and join in her commitment to Mudd’s future.”TINA COLE P’28

Wishing you a long and fulfilling tenure at Mudd blessed with wisdom, courage, grace and joy. Be well, be happy, be amazing!PATRICIA WANG, STUDENT ACCOUNTS MANAGER

“Welcome to your new Claremont home, Harvey Mudd College. Look forward to the bright new future your leadership will bring us.”GERALD R VAN HECKE ’61, PROFESSOR EMERITUS, CHEMISTRY

“I know you’ll tirelessly pursue advancing and building the stellar legacy of Harvey Mudd College and am excitedly anticipating the accomplishments HMC will achieve under your leadership!”JEROME JACKSON ’76, BOARD MEMBER, AABOG

“As the fourth presidential couple of Harvey Mudd College, we are delighted to welcome you to HMC as the sixth president. We envy you the experience of working with the amazing trustees, faculty, staff, alumni and, most importantly, students—all of whom we enjoyed to the fullest! We are confident that you will as well.”JON C. STRAUSS, PRESIDENT EMERITUS, AND JEAN STRAUSS

“I continue to be impressed with you as a scholar and a leader. I wish you the best in your new role as president of Harvey Mudd College. They will greatly benefit from your leadership. From one industrial engineer to another: keep up the great work!”LAURA ALBERT, DAVID H. GUSTAFSON DEPARTMENT CHAIR OF INDUSTRIAL AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERING, UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MADISON

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