Midnight Pie

Entrepreneurs fill a need and find out what starting a business is all about.

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Based on the number of hungry students they observed seeking after-midnight fare, Isaac Hershenson ’24 (CS & math) and Kevin Box ’24 (engineering) realized that there is a need for a late-night pizza stand at the College. They came up with a special pizza recipe and started their Friday-night pizza business, described here by Hershenson.

What inspired you to launch a company?

The entrepreneurship seminar with Professor Kash Gokli (Oliver C. Field Professor of Manufacturing Practice and Engineering Economics and director of entrepreneurship initiatives), a little inspiration from my mom, Mar Hershenson, and our interest in bringing the HMC community together in a fun way.

Kevin Box ’24, co-founder of Slice of Nonh, prepares to serve a freshly made pizza to a hungry customer.

How did the Entrepreneurship course help you with this endeavor?

It gave us the platform to pitch and actually think out the idea, Slice of North, and it was actually the catalyst for us buying the pizza oven last spring after we gave our pitch. We decided to go for it and use the summer to plan out our business model before starting pizzas in the fall.

How does your business work?

We create a new pizza each week and sell it by the slice, half pie or full pie. We take pre-orders through a Google form, and all payments are made on Venmo. We have sourced our fresh ingredients from an Italian market in Upland (Claro’s), but Kevin is the mastermind behind the special toppings we put on each week.

Any challenges?

Tons! Keeping the pizza oven hot, keeping track of orders, making sure the dough is proofed enough, etc. Every week, we debrief what went right and wrong and are always looking to improve the business, and our pizza making skills.

Goals for the business?

We have increased our profit each week, and our end goal is to break even on the down payment for the pizza oven.

Favorite pizza?

Bacon and pear.

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