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You may have noticed the magazine has shrunk a little. Comments from magazine readership surveys about the size of the magazine (it was previously 10.5 x 11 inches) led us to resize it to a more standard format beginning with the fall/winter 2020 issue. During summer 2020, the College participated in its third readership survey administered by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE). These surveys help us evaluate how readers view this magazine and allow us to compare results to those of other higher ed institutions. Thanks to those who participated for providing valuable information on reader preferences.

Results show the magazine continues to be well-read with respondents spending at least 30 minutes reading some to all of it (85%). The print version is still overwhelmingly preferred (62%), though having both print and online is desired by 24%. Respondents’ article suggestions include student-driven content and culture, books by alumni, diversity and inclusion at Mudd, side-gig workers, student research, social responsibility and activism, HMC curriculum and more class notes.

The ways in which Harvey Mudd College Magazine strengthens your connection to the institution. Check all that apply.
Response Count* Percent
Helps me to feel more in touch with my graduating class 56 63%
Provides useful career and networking information 19 22%
Encourages me to support the institution financially 35 40%
Encourages me to volunteer my time to the institution 11 13%
Reminds me of my experience at the institution 66 75%
Serves as a source of continuing education 28 32%
*88 respondents

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