Fieldwork: Spring Edition

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Students in the Department of Engineering enjoy a curriculum that is current, exciting and challenging. Broad-based, hands-on experiences allow students to develop an understanding of engineering judgment and practice, including ethics. The laboratory course Experimental Engineering (E80) acquaints students with the basic techniques of instrumentation and measurement in the lab and in the field. In the Mechanical Design class, taught by Leah Mendelson, students evaluate and find solutions to various engineering problems.

Group of students operated machinery outdoors on a table.

Arya Mididaddi ’24 performs field testing.

Four students stand on wooden pier; one hold underwater remove vehicle.

Jordan Stone ’24, Brandon Bonifacio ’24, Nilay Pangrekar ’24 and Tristan Huang ’24 with their E80 robot.

Student sits on static bike that powers a blender on the rear rack.

Arpita Bhutani ’23 rides her team’s bicycle-powered blender.

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