HMC INQ Class of 2018

HMC INQ is a 10-week intensive startup program open to Harvey Mudd College graduates and their collaborators. Admitted startups receive $120,000, office space, guidance from mentors, legal and cloud services credit and peer support. The second cohort of the HMC startup incubator gave presentations at Demo Day this fall.

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Work Patterns: Google Analytics for Organizations ( Dmitri Skjorshammer ’11, Moses Duncan ’12 and Praveen Shah ’88 (University of Pune) This tool helps alleviate problems with organizational structure and workflow that become harder to manage as companies expand.

Sura Medical: Connected Health for the Medicaid Population ( Jon Engel ’99, Marja Engel ’00 and Noah Rosen ’93 (MIT) Sura Medical, a connected health app made specifically for the Medicaid population, helps people monitor their condition and also suggests behavioral interventions.

Pinwheel: Google Search for Your Personal Network Malous Kossarian ’12, Rich Skrenta, Northwestern ’89, and Jason Anderson ’10 (Cal Poly SLO) Pinwheel integrates data from apps like Evernote, Eventbrite, Outlook, Box and LinkedIn to help you find that graphic designer from New York that you met at a gathering two years ago.

Rivet: 311 Everywhere David Coats ’08 Rivet is a 311 service where people can send a text to 909.939.9395 to report things like piles of garbage, potholes, or other facility maintenance issues. It automatically routes requests to that facility’s phone line, email, or ticketing systems so that a work order is created.

ZAM Helmets: Custom 3-D-printed Helmets ( Whitman Kwok ’97 and David Stoutamire ’89 (University of Akron) Kwok’s son suffered several concussions while playing hockey, and that inspired him to figure out how to make helmets better. ZAM Helmets are 3-D printed to ensure a custom fit.

AWEARE Technologies: 10x Automotive Radar Dan Hyman ’94 and Mark Hyman ’94 (Cal Poly SLO) Automakers need better sensing technologies to make self-driving cars more autonomous. The team’s software and hardware package features long-range detection that works in a slew of weather conditions and eliminates issues like ghost images (made when radar reflects off of objects).

Xiara: System Security as a Service ( Jeff Taylor ’10 and Yoichi Sagawa ’11 The founders saw that existing security monitoring software presented information in a way that didn’t necessarily help the security analysts do their jobs—to quickly identify the most prominent threats, understand how they are impacting the business/ organization, and see what that looks like in the context of their entire infrastructure.

BumbleBeast: Ultra Powerful Desktop CNC Machine ( Hao Cao ’17 and Michael Muzio ’17 Mudders are lucky to have a full range of tools at their disposal (CNC mill, laser cutter, 3-D printer, etc.) and the help to develop expertise using them. Many engineers and designers don’t have access to such equipment. Bumblebeast is a modular desktop manufacturing machine that performs all the functions of these tools, but in one machine.