Layers Upon Layers

Professor of art Ken Fandell held a solo art exhibition at Traywick Contemporary in Berkeley, California. Blowouts Bricks Lines, Fandell’s fifth solo show at the Traywick, was a collection of nine works comprising three series of Fandell’s photographs, in which he layers multiple images of ordinary objects to produce unexpected results.

Artwork called 'bricks'
Bricks (110, 124, 151, 182, 203, 209, 224, 257, 253, 273, 254,
190, 170, 137, 143, 183, 204, 212), 2017

Coming off of a year’s sabbatical, Fandell returns to teach photography in the fall, hoping to approach the subject in a new way. “I want it to be more about how to make good art with the technology the students have and know (i.e., camera phones),” he says. Fandell will also teach Undisciplined Art, a conceptual art class that uses Marcel Duchamp’s 1917 work Fountain as the jumping off point for art of the last 100 years.

Artwork of ripped tires called 'Blowout'
Blowout 487, 505, 555, 583, 589, 617, 647, 657, 722, 759, 793, 796, 2017
Abstract art piece. Two squares with lines running top to bottom
Palm Lines 2,4 and Palm Lines 3, 2, 1, 2017